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Galapagos Natural Life

Tourist Superior Class - Yachts Galapagos



Archipell Eco Catamaram Galapagos

8 DAYS - 7 NIGHTS (Monday to Monday)


Our guide will be waiting for you in San Cristobal Airport and once the group of passengers is completed He/She will accompany you to the Archipell Catamaran which anchors at Baquerizo Moreno harbor. After arrival on board, we will check in and give you general information. You will have the lunch. Afterwards you will start with your first excursion to the Galapaguera which is located in the northeast part of San Cristobal island. It has been created to conserve the San Cristobal tortoise specie. The center has as objective to lead and guide the tourists in conservation topics and protection of the environment. An attractive trail native plants leads to meeting giant tortoises in their natural habitat.
(L, D)

South Plaza has unique Sesuvium plants and Opuntia cactuses scattered across the landscape which provide some of the most interesting wildlife observations available in Galapagos. Land iguanas are easily seen from the trail, frequently under the shade of cactuses, waiting for a prickly pear to fall.

Santa Fe is one of the most entertaining destinations for shore excursions in the Galapagos Islands. It has two trail choices for visitors, one of which takes you to the tallest Opuntia cactus in the Galapagos. While the other trail takes you into the highlands where land iguanas can be seen. After a long walk, the opportunity to swim in calm waters or snorkel with playful sealions will be pretty tempting.
(B, L, D)


Chinese Hat is a 52m/170ft high volcanic cone, forming another islet right out of the rocky coast of Santiago, where a small colony of Galapagos penguins have settled. Approaching Chinese Hat from the north, you will understand the meaning of the name. This is an excellent place to learn more about volcanoes, lava bombs and lava tunnels. You will arrive exactly on time to witness how this barren islet is colonized by pioneer species that have begun to sprout! Beautiful beaches of white coral sand and holes in the eroding lava fields are filled up with lava sand, which enables rooting. Galapagos sea lions and countless marine iguanas contribute to fertilization, and altogether, create many favorable options for newcomers, such as saltbush and the sesuvium carpet.

PM - Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz) The visitor site at Dragon Hill has been open for visits since 1993. This site is located in northwestern Santa Cruz Island and consists of a trail that leads to a hyper-saline lagoon behind the beach, frequently visited by flamingos, pintail ducks and other species of birds. This site has been re-populated with land iguanas from Seymour, Isabela and Santa Cruz island. There is a short walk to the Hill, which offers a beautiful view of the bay.

The Charles Darwin Research Station is formed by an information centre, a museum, a library and a tortoise breeding station. In the tortoise breeding you can encounter tortoises of different subspecies, which are prepared for reintroduction to their natural habitats. The most popular inhabitant of this Station is probably the Lonesome George turtle. (If you cruise is only for 4 days after this visit you will fly back to the mainland of Ecuador)

The highlands of Santa Cruz have incredible zones of vegetations. There you will visit the private farm “Las Primicias”. This reserve offers you one of the best possibilities to see the huge turtles of Santa Cruz Island in their natural habitat. You can observe them from very close.
(B, L, D)

Isabela Island is the largest of the archipelago with a surface of 4588 It engages more than the half of the land area of whole Galápagos. You will reach the small island of “Tintoreras”. There you will take an easy walk through the bizarre landscape of lava with its huge colonies of sea lizards and sea lions colonies. Often you can observe white tip sharks, resting in the flat water near the shore.

Humedales (The Wetlands) are a complex trail of 6km long, located south of Isabela Island, Galapagos. They have a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as the spectacular scenery of the bay, the town of Puerto Villamil, volcanoes, islets and rocks. Isabela wetlands present both themselves and introduced species.
(B, L, D)

At Punta Moreno, a young volcanic landscape with numerous fresh-water pools and lagoons, you can flamingos, bahama ducks and other birds. Then you will go to the mangrove area of Elizabeth Bay with little islands off-shore. Here you can see little dwarf penguins as well as schools of manta rays, turtles and other giants of the ocean such as whale-sharks and more. The mangrove woods are the home of different seabirds and herons.

Elizabeth Bay is a marine visitor site, the excursion is carried out in a zodiac and so there is no landing point. Your zodiac ride starts with a visit to the Marielas islets where there is the largest and most important penguin colony in the Galapagos Islands. The excursion continues into the cove that is surrounded by red mangroves where it is here that you are able to observe sea turtles, flightless cormorants, spotted eagle rays, golden rays, brown pelicans and sea lions.
(B, L, D)

Tagus Cove, a tour along the cliffs in a zodiac will give the visitors a good chance to see the Galapagos penguin, the flightless cormorant and other sea birds. From the landing dock it is about a 30 minute hike along the trail up to the top of the cliff from where you can view Darwin Lake, an uplifted ultra saline lake saltier than the sea. You can also see several volcanoes from this location.

Espinoza point, one of Fernandina’s visit points, is situated within a fascinating lava scenery with Lava-Cactuses and on the surface of the lava growing mangroves. The highlights are sea lions, penguins, the flightless cormorant (especially in spring and summer) and one of the biggest iguana colonies of Galápagos. Do not miss a snorkeling trip during which you have the possibility to explore the beautiful underwater world.
(B, L, D)

Las Bachas is a beautiful white-sand beach on the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island. There you can go for a stroll or do some easy snorkeling in the gentle surf. Sea turtles lay their eggs at the edge of the vegetation: You can also look for a rusted pontoon, a relic of the Second World War. In fact, “bachas” is a poor pronunciation of “barges,” two of which were wrecked offshore at that time: the locals mispronounced the name and it stuck. After that, you will be transferred to the Baltra’s Airport to fly back to the mainland of Ecuador.

Notice: According Galapagos National Park, itineraries are subject to changes.



Rate includes:
• All meals (breakfast - lunch - dinner) water with meals.
• Accommodation in double cabins.
• Transfers from the airport to the yacht and vice versa in Galapagos.
• Excursions in the islands with English Speaking Naturalist Guide.
Air ticket


Rate does not include:
• Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee: USD 100.00 per person
• Migratory Control Card: USD 10.00 per person
• Soft drinks and alcoholics beverages.
• Snorkelling equipment for rent on board.
• Tips.


• Rates per person in U.S. Dollars
• Single occupancy supplement 50%

• The route of the ship and the itinerary are subject to change and can vary depending on the regulations and policies of the Galapagos National Park, weather, seasonal changes, safety, etc.

Quito - Ecuador - South America



Enjoy Ecuador with Galapagos Natural Life

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